Helping Mid Wales residents save money and live greenly     

EOM has been helping Mid Wales residents save money and live greenly for years through solar panel installation. Having solar panels fitted to the roof of your home means you will not only save money on your electric bills, but you can also receive payments for the electricity your panels generate.

We work mainly with residential clients, initially visiting them to survey their home and provide advice and a free quotation. Most homes are suitable for solar panel installation, and the size of the roof determines the number of panels a client may have fitted. We can help and give advice and aid the choice of panels they want installed, taking into consideration aesthetics, efficiency and cost.

We firmly believe solar panel installation is an effective way of saving money in an increasingly difficult financial climate.

The average cost of supply and solar panel installation to a home is less than £6,000, and clients will receive index-linked payments for the electricity their panels generate for 20 years, so if the price of electricity increases, so do your payments. On average, solar panels generate income equivalent to their cost in around eight years, leaving the client with 12 years’ profit.

Clients can also use the electricity their panels generate, leading to reduced electricity bills. Solar panels will increase the value of your home, but they can be removed and fitted to a new property if you wish.

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Solar panel installation is quick and easy: our installation team will complete the work within a day or two, at a time to suit the customer, the panels are guaranteed for 25 years, although breakdowns and problems are extremely rare. No maintenance or servicing is required, so after solar panel installation, customers simply reap the financial benefits and enjoy the satisfaction of generating green, clean electricity. Our customers report high levels of satisfaction with their solar panels and many claim it is the best financial decision they have made.

We are based in Newtown and Aberystwyth and will work within approximately a 25-mile radius, carrying out solar panel installation for customers throughout Mid Wales and the Marches, including Powys, Ceredigion and Gwynedd, as well as neighbouring Shropshire.

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